The home décor fire pit for your garden, balcony or patio

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The outdoor fire pit for home décor, heating and lighting. A powerful flame, odourless and smokeless, adjustable via remote control and smartphone app.

The outdoor wood-burning fire pit to warm up your garden, balcony or patio with the pleasure of real fire. A clean and powerful flame easily adjustable via remote control.

Ornamentation and Functionality. Creative research, design and extreme attention to details meet the Made in Italy.

Designed to last. AISI 316 Stainless Steel and Cor-Ten Steel. We carefully select high-quality materials as a guarantee of longevity and unique experiences.

Light up and warm in 3 easy steps. Insert pellets or any biomass inside, light it up like a normal fire and control the flame with the remote control.
In a few seconds the biomass will turn into an excellent Bio-gas that will feed the flame, without wasting wood, pellets or gas and without annoying fumes.
Live the flame without boundaries.

Low emissions
The Vita fireplace insert produces a clean, smoke-free flame with low emissions and respects the environment.

High efficiency and ease of use make Enki Stove systems easy to use and safe, without losing the power and charm of a real fire.

Remote control
Adjust your fire’s heat and power and choose the best settings for your needs through the remote control or your smartphone.

Enki Stove burners use a patented technology called TPS, which consists in a particular geometrical shape of the combustion chamber and on a custom electronic system making it possible to adjust both flame and heat.
Enki Stove devices transform any type of biomass (wood, wood pellets etc.) into a powerful flame guaranteeing a stable, smoke-free pyrolytic process from the beginning to the end.


Weight: ~ 40 Kg
Dimensions: 80 cm X 80 cm X 70 cm
Max power: ~ 35 kW
Fuel: Pellet, wood and chips
Max fuel capacity: ~ 6,5 Kg (wood pellets)
Max Battery range: 30 hours (with a single charge)
Packaging weight: ~ 45 Kg


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