EnKi Stove® products transform any biomass into a powerful and clean flame, perfect for any use, You can now enjoy the pleasure of fire without worries.

Toroidal Pyrolytic System “TPS”
The TPS is an Enki Stove patented technology. A special geometric shape improves the pyrolytic process, which becomes stable and does not produce smoke throughout the procedure.

Enki Stove Technology transforms any biomass (pellets, wood, dry organic waste) in a powerful flame, up to 1000 °C degrees.

Low Emissions
A clean flame without annoying and toxic smoke in order to fully respect the environment. High-performance products and extraordinarily low emissions represent the guidelines and the Green vocation of our company.

A simple activation and use procedure makes Enki Stove systems safe for you and the people around you without renouncing the power and charm of fire.